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Quick Connect® PE Pipes and Fittings

Jain Piping Systems are manufactured in our most modern manufacturing and testing facility at Jalgaon. Using the best quality PE raw materials – PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100 – by specially designed spiral flow channel die head to process high performance PE materials for various applications. Jains have ISO 9001 certification for design and manufacture of PE pipes, tubes and fittings.Jains have the latest equipment in their most modern plant for both raw material testing and finished products testing according to Indian and International standards.

The PE plant has a fully utilized production capacity of 29,000 TPA to process PE for various applications like potable water supply, house service pipe connections, farm irrigations, submarine pipelines, sprinkler irrigation, drip Irrigation systems, fire hydrant pumping mains, effluent and chemical conveyance, piping systems for sewage treatment plants, casing and screens for lechate gas wells, gas and air distribution pipe lines with all necessary fittings and accessories

Quick-Connect® PE pipes Range includes:

Quick-Connect® PE pipes


Quick-Connect® PE Pipes

Suitable for portable impact overhead and floppy sprinkler systems.Can be used for portable water supply distribution pipelines.

Quick-Connect® PE pipe fittings



We have perfected three joints according to the requirement of sizes. These joints are designed to withstand the tensile pull that will be acting on the joint when the pipeline is under pressure.

Quick-Connect® Fittings - Plastic Clamp Joints

Used for installation of portable overhead / floppy sprinkler irrigation system.

Quick-Connect® Fittings - Single Metal Clamp Joints

Manufactured from virgin HDPE material.Plated single metallic clamp facilitates fast assembling and disassembling.

Quick-Connect® Fittings - Double Metal Clamp Joints

Manufactured from virgin HDPE material.Plated double metallic clamp provides all round grip on pipe to prevent leakage and snapping off.

Quick-Connect® Fittings - Metal Latch Joints

Manufactured from virgin HDPE material.Plated metallic clamps designed for easy and fast installation.

Quick-Connect® Fittings - High Pressure

Manufactured from virgin HDPE material.Heavy duty zinc plated clamps and lever.Lever hook to clamp on the socket and allow for high pressure joint.



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